Specialisterne Australia assists businesses in recruiting and supporting people on the autism spectrum. We work with companies seeking to diversify their workforce and help to find talented autistic job seekers / candidates looking for a career in that area, for mutually beneficial outcomes. 

We have numerous roles available with our employer partners in the areas of IT, administration, and government, and we are looking for austistic individuals with any of the following skills, interests and talents: 

  • Programming / scripting languages and related frameworks, tools or environments
  • An avid interest in technology and roles such as cyber security, software engineering/development, data science/analysis, test analysis/engineering, business analysis, etc.
  • Knowledge of Excel and Microsoft Suite of tools
  • Administration, office support, report writing
  • Enjoy routine activity
  • Attention to detail and focus
  • Curious, questioning mind
  • Creative or innovative thinking
  • Motivated to learn

Most roles are entry level with no experience necessary.


Roles are available in Adelaide as well as interstate. Many will be remote/work for home initially, with a transition into the workplace in the future.


To be eligible to participate in the recruitment process you will need to provide evidence of your autism diagnosis, or a supporting letter from a medical practitioner if you are successful in being invited onto the program.


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