Lockin Global Talents Career Fair - Shenzhen

Due to repeated outbreaks of the pandemic, several of Lockin's scheduled on-site job fairs have been postponed. However, the on-site job fair in Shenzhen is going ahead!

WHEN: May 28th, 1pm-6pm.

For more information and other job fair updates, please visit: https://promotions.lockinu.com/spring2022/onsite

2022 Spring Online Job Fair for Overseas PhD Students

Designed for overseas PhD students, this jobs fair will host nearly 50 top companies and science institutes that are looking to provide over 500 research/teaching positions. There are no restrictions on doctoral programs.

WHEN: May 14th, 4pm-7pm (Beijing time)

For more information, visit: https://www.lockinu.com/#/network/1465.html