The Australian Science Policy Fellowship Program is an initiative of the Office of the Chief Scientist that aims to grow the diversity of expertise in the Australian Public Service (APS) workforce. It provides a pathway for early- to mid-career scientists to become skilled policy practitioners so they can be conduits for bringing scientific expertise into the policy process.

Fellows are employed as policy officers by participating Commonwealth Government host departments for 12 months. The Fellows bring a highly valued skillset, including data and analytical skills, and fresh perspectives on policy work.

As a Fellow you will receive on-the-job training in, and exposure to, policymaking, ongoing support by the Office of the Chief Scientist, access to mentors, and networking opportunities. As a pathway program into the APS, participation in the program means Fellows become equipped to seek permanent employment in the public service, if that is their wish.

To be eligible for the Science Policy Fellowship program you must:

  • Be an Australian citizen aged 18 years or over
  • Hold a PhD in one of the following disciplines:
    • medical and health sciences
    • biological, physical or earth sciences
    • behavioural sciences
    • computational sciences and mathematics
    • engineering disciplines (applicants with a Masters in engineering and three years of professional engineering experience also qualify)
  • Be no more than 15 years post PhD completion (adjusted for career breaks) and
  • Be prepared to relocate to Canberra if you currently live interstate.

For more information visit:

Applications are open from April 7 to April 26.