If the prospect of a career in renewable energy excites you, don't miss this fantastic opportunity!


Thursday 25th of March 2021, all day (with lots of breaks in between). 


Join from anywhere! The Games are run virtually. All you need is a computer or laptop that enables you to use Zoom, Slack and Miro (these essential tools are all free and Paddl will help you to use them for remote work and learning). 


Five innovation teams, each including a diverse mix of tertiary students, graduates, trainees and PhDs from all areas of study and lived experience. Your allocated team will also include representatives from government, industry and businesses in the NT, and an experienced Paddl Facilitator. No prior experience is necessary! We welcome all backgrounds, experiences, levels, skill sets and types of lived experience. 


1. Equip yourself to better work and learn in a virtual world as required. 

2. Build your professional network with organisations, peers, industry and government representatives. 

3. Learn how to use and apply practical skills for innovation and design thinking in different ways. 

4. Gain invaluable experience and exposure to NT industry and businesses

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