You're needed for seasonal work!

From pickers to packers, processors and planters, there are a variety of agricultural seasonal jobs on offer in South Australia’s regions. With COVID-19 having an impact on primary industries securing workers, we've created Seasonal Jobs SA as a temporary initiative to bring workers and employers together to help keep SA’s supply chains flowing.

If you are looking for a job, there are opportunities for seasonal jobs in South Australia’s regions. Jobs available in McLaren vale, Murray, Marllee, Yorke, Barrossa & other regional locations!

What to expect

Experience a wide variety of jobs year round! You could be working outdoors on the farm, in vineyards or orchards, picking fruit and vegetables, pruning vines or planting trees. Prefer the indoors? There could be opportunities in greenhouses, packing sheds and processing plants. Know how to operate machinery and have your licences ready to go? Great, we need you too!

We'll help connect you with those looking for work when you share your jobs with us.

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