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Terms and conditions for advertising vacancies with UniSA Career Services on UniSA CareerHub

1. University of South Australia (UniSA) Career Services will endeavour to assist Organisations to locate suitable student and graduate employees by advertising their vacancies at no cost. If you chose to use the UniSA Career Service you will be taken to have agreed to these Terms and Conditions.

2. To ensure that Organisations receive applications from appropriately qualified candidates, Organisations may be requested to provide a detailed job description that sets out the person specification and employment conditions as follows:

a. The job description should outline the general duties the candidate is required to perform to fulfil the position requirements including the estimated hours of work and the days of work.

b. The person specification should include skills, abilities, and experience required for the role and indicate the type of training to be provided on the job.

c. The employment conditions should set out any equipment or out of pocket expenses which may be incurred by the candidate while participating in the role. These must be clearly stated and itemised and include details as to salary or wages paid.

3. Organisations may be requested to provide additional information, prior to the approval of the job advertisement. Approval will not be given for the advertisement to be placed until all necessary information is received from the Organisation to UniSA Career Services’ satisfaction.

4. UniSA Career Services reserves the right to reject or withdraw any advertisement without giving reason and to alter any aspect of advertisements approved for publishing, however if we need to make fundamental changes to the advertisement we will bring these changes to your attention before the advertisement is placed.

5. The Organisation must comply with all relevant laws in relation to the payment of wages for the role in question, this includes compliance with Awards, and National Employment Standards and any relevant industrial instrument such as an Enterprise Agreement.

6. All advertisements placed with UniSA Career Services must comply with all relevant laws including but not limited to Commonwealth and State employment, workers compensation, work health and safety and industrial and equal opportunity laws.

7. All Australian based Organisations wishing to advertise their vacancies with UniSA Career Services are required to provide a valid, current Australian Business Number (ABN) and ensure that the name of the Organisation registering is the same as the entity name holding the ABN, or the registered trading name for that ABN.

8. If the Organisation is a not-for-profit, or other community Organisation which is approved to host volunteers, and the position vacant is seeking a volunteer (i.e. an unpaid worker), UniSA may consider approving advertisements for volunteer positions provided that it is satisfied the role is a true volunteer position.

9. UniSA will not advertise positions that fall into the following categories:

a. unpaid or volunteer work unless it is for a not for profit or community based Organisation

b. independent or sham contracting arrangements

c. working in private homes unless it is through a recognised home services provider

d. commission only (but approval for positions with a Commission Plus Base will be considered)

e. self-employment

f. employment that requires the successful applicant to establish their own business

g. employment involving any unpaid trial period or training, except where any applicable Award or industrial instrument provides for the same.

h. any employment which requires the employee to purchase a vehicle, telephone, product or other service or item in order to be successful

i. any advert deemed by UniSA to be of an inappropriate or unlawful nature.

j. any work where any cost incurred by applicants is not clearly outlined in the body of the job advertisement

k. positions where applicants are asked to provide a personal photograph or personal identification documents (such as passports, birth certificates etc), unless such documents are required for visa purposes.

l. positions related to the manufacturing of tobacco products, gambling, or those Organisations whose core business contravenes the vision, missions and values of UniSA.

m. any work, including overseas positions, where any costs incurred by applicants is not clearly outlined in the advertisement or readily available on the website or other advertising

n. work which requires individuals to establish their own business, utilise their own Australian Business Number (ABN) or function as an independent contractor

o. work conducted for an individual where it is not facilitated through a registered organisation that provides services in that area. For example, an arrangement to photograph a wedding, where an individual is seeking this support for a private arrangement, will not be approved. However, a wedding photographer job with a legitimate registered photography business may be approved

p. Work within a private residence, such as personal tutoring, personal caring etc. Exceptions may be made where these positions are through a legitimate registered organisation that provides such services. For example, an arrangement to mow an individual’s lawn, advertised by a home owner will not be approved. However, a lawn mowing job with a legitimate registered lawn mowing business may be approved.

10. UniSA Careers Services will not enter into or entertain contract discussions between Organisations and prospective employees.

Organisation responsibilities to applicants

11. Organisations recruiting a student with ongoing study commitments should be prepared to accommodate their academic obligations and not ordinarily ask full time students to work in excess of 15 hours per week, except during holiday periods. This is of course subject to the student’s academic timetable and study commitments.

12. The Organisation must satisfy itself as to the suitability of any prospective employee and is responsible to ensure the student’s eligibility to work in Australia.

13. The Organisation must obtain its own reference checks. The Organisation must advise UniSA Career Services as soon as the position has been filled or withdrawn.

14. The Organisation has all legal responsibility for the student once employed.

Your contact details

UniSA Careers Services may use Organisation's contact details to:

  1. Clarify vacancy details if necessary
  2. Advise them of other services to facilitate recruitment
  3. Undertake labour market research
  4. Advise on any key UniSA Career Services information, including additional opportunities to engage with us with events, expos, etc.

Collection and use of the Organisation and applicants’ personal information will be in accordance with UniSA’s privacy policy.


UniSA is not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by students, Organisations or recruiters arising from, or in any way connected with, services provided by UniSA Career Services or as a result of work advertised or promoted via this website.

Further Information

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